About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Action United is a membership organization of low and moderate income Pennsylvanians working to build power through organizing communities to win changes on the issues that are important to them.

Our Services:

ACTION United was formed in January, 2010 by former members of PA ACORN and concerned citizens in the state. Our organization was formed to advance the interests of low and moderate income families around Pennsylvania on the issues that are of critical importance to us: economic justice for low income and working families; fair lending practices and better workers rights and a higher minimum wage; good schools; clean air and a safe environment; and quality affordable health care.

Our members have a long history of victories in PA, including:


Kia Hinton speaking to reporters on CAP Comcast at South Philadelphia Highschool.

Voter Registration and Mobilization: Registering over 140,000 new voters in the 2008 election cycle, and moving large numbers of those voters to the polls on election day.

School Funding: Part of a coalition that won a historic fair funding initiative in PA that is delivering millions of dollars of additional funding to low income schools districts around the state, including upper Darby. We also helped pass a 2 dollar per pack cigareette tax that injected $80 million dollars to the Philadelphia School District.

Tax Preparation and EITC: Helped prepare free taxes for 6,000 families in 2009; we delivered over $3.12 Million in Earned Income tax refunds back into PA low income communities. We continue to provide low cost tax services to community members without the predatory sales practices of other major national firms.

Fighting Foreclosures: In Philadelphia and Pittsburgh we won a foreclosure diversion program that has required banks to sit down with families in foreclosure and work out a solution to keep the family in their home. In Philadelphia, the program includes a funded outreach program that increases the number of families who come through the program and end up staying in their home;


ACTION United members gathered to pass paid sick days.

Passing Paid Sick Days in Philadelphia: On February 12th, after years of work since 2011, ACTION United in conjunction with Philadelphia City Council and The Center For Popular Democracy passed the Payed Sick Days Bill at Philadelphia City Council. Though staunchly opposed by big business, state politicians, and hedge fund managers, ACTION United was able to rally behind the people in the community to get this legislation passed and signed by Mayor Nutter.

Better Wages and Working Conditions: In PA, we worked in a coalition with a number of labor and community organizations to win an increase in the state minimum wage. As part of Pittsburgh United, fought for and won a prevailing wage law that will raise wages for thousands of Pittsburgh workers and their families. We also joined with partner organizations for the national day of action on April 15th, to urge service industry CEO’s to raise the wage.

Quality Affordable Health Care: As a part of Health Care for America Now (HCAN), succeeded in winning the most extensive reform or Health policy in this country, and are now a part of the fight to win full enactment and implementation