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Chester Upland School District

Ensuring a quality education for all of our kids is a fundamental principal for ACTION United. And nowhere is that more in jeopardy than in our Chester, Pennsylvania chapter.

Chester Schools are in crisis

Chester School district has lost $8 million in state funding this school year. The district has struggled for years, but this loss in funding is devastating. In October the District told 60 Seniors at Science and Discovery HS that they cannot successfully  graduate from high school because the district cannot provide enough certified teachers for required courses

And just this week the State refused to advance the district $18 million due in June so it could keep the doors open so the teachers voted to work for free so as not to leave the kids hanging.

The Chester ACTION United chapter has been on the forefront of fighting for quality education in Chester.

Parents and community members have held several actions including a student walk-out.

The fight is far from over. Parent Danyel Jennings has created a petition on to urge the Governor to step in and make sure the schools are funded through the end of the year. 


You can be sure there is more to come. Education is critical to our children's future and this issue remains a top, critical priority for our Chester Chapter.

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