April 9, 2015

Community Empowerment

IMG_20150402_185907ACTION United wants to make sure that Philadelphia is an even playing field for ALL citizens. By contacting leaders and members within the community, ACTION United builds organizational chapters that address the needs of people in the neighborhood.

One of the newest ACTION United organizations is the Chapter in the 2nd District, or Southwest Philadelphia. There, we have elected a board of representatives from the community to identify and solve issues that are plaguing the surrounding areas. Overwhelmingly, families in the 19142 zipcode are asking for better parks and recreational programs. We took these concerns and built a sound game plan to get the community involved to clean up the neighborhood.

Elmwood Chapter

community meetingOur Elmwood Chapter in South West Philadelphia gathered for their first meeting in 2015. By listening to community concerns, organizers with ACTION United were able to pinpoint key issues effecting the neighborhoods in South West Philadelphia. Community leaders in the area formed a Board of Directors to tackle the most complex issues facing the community.

The foremost issue was the state of the parks in the area. Instead of a place where their children could go to socialize and play, many of the parks in the surrounding area became broken down, and in serious need of repair.

By empowering the community, we were able to invite the Philadelphia Parks Commissioner, Michael DiBerardinis to the neighborhood and he dedicated to making a change. About a week after the tour, employees from the Philadelphia Parks Commission came out to fix Connell Park, a staple for the people who lived in the neighborhood. We continue to try to clean up the neighborhood, talk to community members, and take the lead on new initiatives to improve the quality of life in the area.

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For more information on this campaign, contact the campaign leader Malcolm @ malcolmeliculleton@gmail.com.