July 7, 2015

Racial/Economic Justice and Climate Change Training

climatechangejusticeACTION United in conjunction with our allied organizations, is taking the forefront in fighting back against climate change in Philadelphia. The 2014 National Climate Assessment highlights how urban communities and neighborhoods of color are disproportionately affected by the changes in our climate. The report found that minority and low-income communities are disparately impacted by climate change, particularly regarding heat waves, air quality, and extreme weather and climate events. The impacts of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, for instance, illustrated profound differences based on race, gender, and class where these social inequalities strongly influenced the capacity of residents and our government to prepare for and respond to the events.


Registration is officially closed for this event. Thanks to everyone in the community who could make it out! Be sure to sign up for the ACTION United Newsletter HERE to learn about future training opportunities free of charge.

Our Allies for the training:


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