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Foreclosure Fighters

Along with the epidemic crisis of foreclosures in Pennsylvania and across the country, Banks in PA have been breaking the law in how they foreclose.

That's right, breaking the law. 

And in January the PA Superior Court unanimously said that in cases where the homeowners received a Foreclosure Notice that was defective the Sheriff’s Sales had to be set aside and the Foreclosure Complaints dismissed.

The defective notices were disseminated by the PA  Housing Finance Agency before September 2008 and it failed to advise the homeowners’ of their right to meet with a representative of the lender.

It is estimated that 20%-30% of all ongoing foreclosure proceedings involve this Notice.

We are asking PA Sheriffs to halt further foreclosures due to ruling.

  • Homeowners should not be subjected to the costs and expenses of lender foreclosure suits
  • nor should they be ejected from their homes given the unanimous decision that the lender’s foreclosure conduct was illegal.
  • The Sheriff’s office has limited resources and those resources should be devoted to cases where the proceedings are not in doubt.
  • If the Pennsylvania Courts finalize this decision and the Sheriff’s Office does not temporarily stop foreclosure proceeding, the Sheriff’s Office will have to expend significant time and expense in undoing this damage.

Email the Sheriff and tell him to STOP foreclosures until this case is settled.

Email Philadelphia Sheriff Williams

Email Allegheny County Sheriff Mullens

Find your Sheriff and download a letter to send


Today, thousands of hardworking families with stable incomes and the ability to pay a mortgage lose their homes each month to foreclosure, and tens of thousands more choose between their mortgage and basic needs because they are underwater on their loans.  Homeowners across the state are coming together to fight back and win changes to the policies of the nation’s largest banks. We are working with ALL homeowners who are either facing foreclosures, eviction or are under water on their mortgage.

Action United For the common good