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Germantown Walking Tour to Give First Person View of Blight to Officials

16 May 2012
Stretches of abandoned properties, broken curbs, blight, worry residents

ACTION United members and residents of Germantown will be taking officials on a walking tour of neighborhood trouble spots on Wednesday May 16th at 1:00 p.m. in an effort to find solutions to pervasive, long term problems plaguing the community. 


The neighborhood has a laundry list of problems including multiple abandoned houses, in some cases 4 or more in a row. The 6100 block of Baynton Street for example only has ONE resident living on the block with the rest of it eroded vacant lots and vacant homes neglected for years.


Councilwoman Bass's office, Representative Meyer's office, L&I, the 14th police District and the Streets Department will join residents on a tour of two parts of East Germantown, starting at 6127 Baynton St. then move to E. Price St. and Crittenden.

The majority of the vacant lots are city owned and have not been maintained. Last year 10 blocks had their curbs broken by city sub-contractors and never repaired. Several houses have squatters, drugs are being sold, and some of the worst alleyways in the city grace this part of town. On top of it all the area is in a FEMA declared flood zone, which the city refuses to take a stance on relocation.

The residents have been trying to work with the city for over a year and though some headway has been made, mainly by License & Inspection, most of the problems have been reported and never dealt with.  Neighbors are concerned about their safety and the safety of the children as blight goes unfixed and ignored.

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