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Good jobs, wages, unemployment protection

Good Jobs and Living Wages: Over the years, ACTION United members have fought for good paying jobs. Unfortunately, the minimum wage over the years has not kept up with inflation.  In 2006, members stood with organized labor and other community groups to pass an increase in the PA state minimum wage. All workers deserve the right to a job with a safe working environment, basic benefits and a living wage that can actually meet everyday needs.

Earned Paid Sick Time: No one should be forced to choose between working while sick or losing a day's pay. Research shows that sick workers spread illnesses and have decreased productivity. But for many workers staying home results in lost wages and hardships.  ACTION United is fighting for legislation that requires employers to provide 5-7 paid sick days a year.  

Unemployment Protection: Long term unemployment hurts our families and our communities.  We know that in some neighborhoods unemployment is two, three, four or five times the national average. ACTION United believes that:

  • Unemployment benefits should be extended as long as the economic crisis continues.
  • Federal, state and local government should help create jobs through stimulus spending and through supporting small local businesses that hire within the community.
  • Homeowners and families in crisis should be allowed to stay in their homes.

Workers Right to Organize: We believe that all workers should have the right to organize without obstruction from their employer. It was Unions that created the broad, but currently shrinking, middle class in our country.  Any effort to destroy unions is an attack on our members and our communities. 

Action United For the common good