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Greenfield Flooding Has Residents Asking for Help from Other Neighborhoods

8 August 2012

Residents of “the Run” in Greenfield are asking fellow Pittsburgher’s to take action to help stop the severe flooding they’ve experienced in heavy rains like those of this weekend.

Residents will speak about the impact of flooding on their lives and talk about practical solutions that could be implemented easily and quickly.  Residents will urge City and County leaders as well as upstream neighborhoods and communities to do their part.

"What will it take to solve our flooding problems? We have seen cars submerged in water floating in our streets” describes Greenfield resident Laura Schaffalo.  “Furnaces, hot water heaters, washers and dryers have been ruined by flooding in the Run since 2007. How many times can a house sustain major water damage before that house is permanently damaged? We need a solution to the flooding problems and we need it now."

Neighbors will discuss how to stop flooding in the Run and in other areas rain needs to stay where it falls whenever and wherever possible. Their message to City and County leaders and residents:  these solutions can't wait- they are needed now. 

What a lot of residents don’t understand is that we need solutions implemented outside of the problem areas. You don’t address flooding where it floods, you address it at the source,” added Schaffalo.  “To stop flooding downstream here in the Run means that the upstream neighborhoods need to do their part, too.” 

ACTION United, a member of the Clean Rivers Campaign and residents will talk about how ALCOSAN's need for regulatory compliance is a great opportunity to create these much-needed flood mitigation investments.

Action United For the common good