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Members of the Month

Gaius D. Jenkins
Gaius Jenkins has resided in Upper Darby for the past five years and has been nominated as Chairperson for the Upper Darby Chapter of ACTION United. Gaius has spent many years working with others. He considers himself an advocate for the homeless and previously ran a basketball league for homeless men in Philadelphia. In addition to being actively involved in ACTION United, he also serves as an associate minister in his church. Gaius first got involved with ACTION United because he wanted to see a vacant lot on his street turned into a playground for the children in the area. He acknowledged that there was strength in numbers and that joining a community group would be more effective. Since joining the organization Gaius has become very involved claiming that ACTION United has, “opened my eyes to the issues,” and that it also “allows me to be a voice for those who aren't speaking up.”
Gloria Bufford
Gloria Bufford is a dedicated member of ACTION United and has been since our inception. Gloria has been a advocate for human rights, cleaner neighborhoods and streets, effective and quality education for our inner city children as well as an improved quality of life for her neighbors, community and the city of Philadelphia and surrounding counties as a hole. During ACTION United’s most recent Open House in Philadelphia, Gloria cooked and supplied a large portion of the menu, arrived early to help set up, provided supplies for the event and helped serve the visitors and guest. Gloria Bufford has been an active grassroots member for over 20 years and has not only joined, but recruited 3-5 news ACTION United’s members within the last couple of months. Gloria is one of the most faithful members of our organization. There has not been one Friday since we our launch on April 1, 2010, where Gloria has not come in to volunteer her time and help out around the office. Even recently, during our get out the vote, Gloria woke early, picked up neighbors in her home area, drove them to the poles and returned them home. Gloria does this to help increase the voter turn out, and promote the mission of ACTION United. For her devotion and tireless effects, Gloria Bufford is our member of the month.
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