May 28, 2015


IMG_20150402_185124Members of ACTION United are diverse and from different parts of Pennsylvania. Our goal as a non-profit is to empower communities around real action and real change. Through training and years of experience in organizing and mobilization, we are able to change policies in PA to reflect the needs and wants of the 99%.

As a member of ACTION United you are plugged into your local community. You have the opportunity to rebuild your neighborhood through planned community initiatives, lobbying and advocating at City Hall, and working with a citizen organization unique to its kind. ACTION United provides the support and training to create and maintain community initiatives and goals so that chapters can be self-sustaining and an integral part of their communities.

Members pay monthly dues to maintain the organization. Each contribution is an investment in our organization and ensures that we can fight for the communities best interests.

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Member Testimonials

Chinara Billal


Chinara Billal is a longtime Philadelphia mother of four who has been a member of ACTION United for over two years. Chinara regularly advocates for a better education system and fair pay for all workers in Philadelphia. We sat down with Chinara who shared her experiences at ACTION United.

ACTION United: Why is the Save our Schools campaign important to you?

Chinara Billal: We need progressive education. This generation coming up is our future, so we need to empower them with the proper education. Education is a tool that they need to be able to tap into for a successful future.

AU: What are some of the problems that you’ve seen some public schools go through?

CB: I don’t see a lot of African American teachers in our schools that are in our communities. Public schools are off the wall. Schools right now are thinking in an old mindset. No creative arts or critical thinking classes. We have children who we are providing information to in order to fill meaningless roles. Textbooks are out of date, and we aren’t thinking outside of the box. We need to prepare our kids for a future where they can be employed and educated.

AU: How has being a member of Action United helped the situation?

CB: We stopped the Edward T. Steel school from becoming a charter.  ACTION United helps get the message out to the community schools, which is impactful enough. You get out the message that in Philly it’s possible to have a quality public education system that works with the community.

AU: What do you want/hope to see in the future?

CB: I want schools to invest in arts and technology programs. And thinking outside of the box to provide our kids with meaningful interactive education that will help them gain a career. Arts, theater, music, these are industries that will help our kids and take them far.

More member testimonials coming soon!