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10 January 2014
The credit report released this week from the rating agency Moody’s Investors Service said the school district must reach an agreement with its various labor unions, stem the decline in student enrollment, improve its budgetary management and get more aid from the city and state.
1 January 2014
The School District of Philadelphia (SDP) opened with 23 shuttered schools and nearly 4,000 layoffs.
14 October 2013
PHILADELPHIA— Each morning just before school, Dawn Hawkins and her 13-year-old son Khyrie hold hands, close their eyes and bow their heads. “Be a shield of protection for my baby,” Hawkins prays over the lanky 8th grader. Then it’s off to his new school: a 15 minute walk through Strawberry Mansion, one of the most violent neighborhoods in Philadelphia, in the most murderous section of the city. The school is a little less than a mile from home. But it could well be foreign territory.
20 August 2013
4 August 2013
There are protestors working against market-based educational “reform” across the country. Groups like the Journey for Justice Movement, Action United, Progress Florida, or the Chicago Teacher’s Union have tried to exert pressure on local authorities to stop school closures, end privatization, and focus on how poverty is affecting the educational system.
1 June 2013
The idea of community schools, long discussed in Philadelphia but never quite a reality, takes to a whole different level the notion of maximizing time and optimizing resources for children. More than just a place for students to have something stimulating to do in the afternoons, community schools integrate services for families right in the building. Other cities have developed the idea in ways that have been transformative, prompting a movement to bring community schools here. Advocates in Philadelphia, in the wake of the widespread school closings, see community schools as not just an educational strategy, but as a way to revitalize neighborhoods. “Community schools is not just afterschool, but the total integration of a neighborhood and city’s assets in the schools,” said Quanisha Smith of Action United.
17 May 2013
School advocates spoke in support of the U&O approach, which was authored by Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez. “The ten biggest corporate property owners will realize tax savings of over 16 million dollars next year, thanks to AVI,” said Leonard Stones of the school advocacy group Action United. “Meanwhile, schoolchildren will go to schools (that are) on life support.”
28 January 2013
"Action United, a group that opposes the closings, presented data Monday showing that 80 percent of the students affected by the planned closings are black; the district’s enrollment is 55 percent black and 19 percent Hispanic. The group released a Dec. 18 letter it had received from the Education Department saying that the closing plan is subject to an investigation under the 1964 Civil Rights Act and two other laws that are enforced by the department’s Office for Civil Rights."
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