April 2, 2015

Community Schools

What is a Community School?

IMG_1703A Community School is a public school that works with parents, educators and community partners in low-income neighborhoods to improve the quality of their school and increase student achievement. By making the school the hub of neighborhood and combining top-quality academics with on-site health and social services, parents work with the school staff to strengthen the entire community and ensure that children are physically, emotionally, and socially prepared to learn. Community schools equip parents with the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead not only our families but also our communities in the city. Instead of standardizing the curriculum and the services provided, community schools take the considerations of students, parents, and community members and implement them to provide enriching and necessary classes and services for the youth, specific for that community. 

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What do Community Schools offer?

  • A high quality curriculum and includes arts, sports enrichment, expanded school days and strong support for teachers.
  • Medical, dental, and mental health services at the school.
  • Mentoring, counseling, adult education, ESL, and job training
  • A strong partnership with parents and community, who help design and plan the community schools according to its strengths and needs.

A Proven Track Record

Studies have shown community schools have:IMG_1733

  • Higher graduation rates and lower drop out rates.
  • Higher student attendance
  • Higher reading and math scores
  • Improved school atmosphere
  • Greater parent and community engagement in education
  • When Cincinnati, Ohio, converted to community schools, the graduation rate rose from 51% to 82% and the racial achievement gap dropped enormously.

A study of the Children’s Aid Society community schools found that every $1 spent on community schools generates $10-15 in value to society.