July 6, 2015

Pittsburgh Demands Paid Sick Days!

Have you ever needed paid sick leave?

Were you, your folks, or your kids sick and couldn’t take time off from work, either because you couldn’t afford it or it would threaten your job?


Janice Brown, regional Vice President, demands Paid Sick Days for Pittsburgh workers

Right now 49,000 workers in Pittsburgh lack access to paid sick days! This is unacceptable! It’s time to take the fight to Pittsburgh and demand our city council give our workers paid sick time. This is more than just a workers issue, this is also a public health issue. Parents with access to paid sick days are 20% less likely to send a sick child to school. Sick children in school can get others sick!

Only 37% of service sector employees have access to sick days. That means the people who drive you, the people who clean your buildings, the people who serve your food, are NOT getting paid sick time off! Sick workers means a sick city!

Nearly 1/4 of workers have been fired or threatened with job loss for taking time off for an illness. This has to stop! Time to make a change for Pittsburgh! More rights for workers! Paid sick days so that we can make a Pittsburgh healthier, productive, and more family oriented city!

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Tuesday, July 7th Action United will meet at the City County Building (414 Grant St.) on the 5th Floor to demand that our city council pay attention to this issue and provide paid sick days to Pittsburgh workers. Come show your support!!!

-Updates will come after action-