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12 June 2012
After years of trying to work with the bank to save her home it was sold illegally at Sheriff’s sale without notice

The Home Defenders League and community members will protest at Chase Bank to demand they return ownership of Fran Scarborough’s Logan house which was sold at auction without notice and despite the owner’s attempts to work with the bank to keep the house.

Members of the HDL, including former Philadelphia Police Officer Chief Lewis, successfully defended Ms. Fran’s home from being taken by the Sheriff last week. But the eviction notice still stands and the group is seeking a more permanent fix.

The homeowner, Ms. Fran Scarborough, tells an all too common story of banks failing to obey the lawful procedures and violating her rights as a homeowner over and over as she fought to keep her home.

In 2008 her house was sold illegally at Sheriff Sale before she could have a conciliation conference with the city's loan modification program. She's been fighting by herself for years, all she wants is to have her house returned to her and to be allowed to enter the modification program.

The Home Defenders League is a national movement of underwater homeowners and allies fighting Wall Street to get back the wealth, equity, and future they stole from so many Americans.

Local homeowners struggling to save their home can contact the Home Defenders League at ACTION United for help at 215-839-3390.

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