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Good jobs, wages, unemployment protection

Earned Paid Sick Time

There are over 200,000 workers in Philadelphia without earned sick time. No one should be forced to choose between going to work sick or losing a day's pay! Going to work sick spreads illness and results in decreased productivity across the board. But for many workers staying home results in lost wages and real hardship.

Learn more about how ACTION United is working to change this.


Good Jobs and Living Wages

Over the years, ACTION United members have fought for good paying jobs.  In 2006, members stood with organized labor and others to pass an increase in the PA state minimum wage.  This year, ACTION United members and leaders, as  a part of Pittsburgh United, have fought for and won a prevailing wage law in Pittsburgh.

Unemployment Protection

Long term unemployment is hurting our families and our communities.  We know that in some neighborhoods and for some groups, unemployment is two, three, four or FIVE times the national average, which is already high enough.

ACTION United members are working to:

  • make sure that unemployment benefits are extended as long as the crisis goes on.
  • insist the federal and state and local government help create jobs through stimulous spending and by helping support small local businesses that hire in the community.
  • help homeowners and families in crisis keep their homes and survivie until the economy is recovered.


ACTION United members understand the importance of good jobs with decent wages and health care. In Pittsburgh ACTION United members are working to fill a bus for the One Nation, Working Together March on Washington. Join us on October 2nd as we Participate in the March for Jobs Rally. Our bus will leave from 5907 Penn Avenue, Pgh, PA 15206. This will be a family friendly event. To sign up for our bus trip, click here...

Taking ACTION on Unemployment

On Friday, July 17, ACTION United teamed up with the Mon-Valley Unemployed Committee for a call to action to urge Senate to help desperate workers.

Sixty votes were needed for the extension of unemployment benefits, but the Senate fell one vote short. On July 17, we showed the senate how easy it is to count to 60!

Over 3 million more Americans are set to lose their unemployment benefits, their only means of income, if the Senate does not act to renew the extension.


Check out the video as we show the Senate how its done!


Action United For the common good