November 3, 2015

PA Elections, November 3rd!

While the media covers Hilary and Trump, we have our own local Supreme Court Elections coming up on November 3rd, here in Pennsylvania. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with local politics, but here’s why you should care about this election and get out there and vote.

The Supreme Court will decide on school funding here in PA. If you want a fair funding formula that will give every child a decent education that will prepare them for adulthood regardless of color or economic status, you need to vote for the right candidates.

Many states don’t even hold Supreme Court Elections. For this vote we have a chance to appoint progressive candidates that want to grow the middle class and communities of color, and empower working families in PA.Republicans in our state legislature have cut up our congressional districts and gerrymandered their way into elected office. Take a look at this congressional district map of 2012. Even though there are over 1 million more Democrats here in PA, Republicans have managed to manipulate the rules in order to take over our state legislature. The Supreme Court can pull back unfair redistricting to be more representative of the families who live here.

congressional districts

This is the first time in 300 years that PA has had three vacant Supreme Court Seats. Whoever is elected on the 3rd will make decisions that will affect the lives of virtually everyone who lives in this state. We have a chance to make the PA Supreme Court a Democratically controlled Supreme Court. The time is now to take legislative power into your own hands, and help shape the future for our communities, families, and laws in Pennsylvania.

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Questions? Call ACTION United at: (215) 839-3390 (Philly), (412) 567-7275